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Military Housing Makeovers

Marie Reed and her crew at Moving With the Military along with partnerships like ours are giving back to those who give so much.  One family, one house,  one room at a time they are making military housing feel more like home.  

Maria contacted us last year and wanted to know if we'd like to help in her effort.... seriously??? How could we (or anyone) not?? A way to help the families,  the children of those who put their lives on the line daily for our freedom??? YES MA'AM count us in! 

So far we've sent a couple of lamps down their way near Fort Hood... lamps for a little boys room. Just waiting on an all clear from the base to start filming.  

This project really struck a chord with Twisted Lighting's own Burt Adams as his oldest son is currently across the pond helping to keep the peace.  

To find out more about what Maria does or to help here in her efforts,  click here.  

Need custom orders?

I have this thing from my Grandma..... Can you make it into a lamp?   Sure can. Usually.  Haven't met the project that we couldn't convert yet.  A camera, electric meter, and even a cow head lamp designer Burt Adams has taken them from dusty items in a box in the attic to unique pieces of art. There's still time to get yours in and have back by Christmas.  Give Burt a call to visit about it!! 870-904-3539. 

Vintage market days

Vintage Market Days of Mobile

For our first show of the 2018 fall season we will debut Burt's creations at the VMD of Mobile Alabama. Rated one of the top vintage markets in the nation the VMD franchise is unique in the philosophy of helping others.  Each event has a benefit booth.  For the Mobile market Whatever Ministries will have a booth to raise funds for their beauty for teenage girls and their moms in the Mobile area.  

Helping others

Hope to see ya soon!! 

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